First Wedding shoot

I've always had a love and passion for photography, but it was only until about four years ago that I got into the wedding photography business. Prior to this, I mostly shoot landscape and wildlife photography.

My interest in wedding photography started when, at the time, I was dating my wife and her sister got engaged. My wife mentioned to her sister that I do photography on the side, and maybe they would want to ask me to shoot their wedding. Her sister did ask me, and since I'm always up for trying new things and challenging myself, I told them that I would love to shoot their wedding.

My gear at that time was a Canon 50D crop sensor camera, and I only had the famous 50 mm f1.8 nifty fifty and a 24 - 70 mm sigma f2.8. I knew I needed a 70-200 mm lens. Luckily for me, Henry’s (a photography store) at that time rented this type of lens.

I can remember that day so clearly, probably because I was both excited and a bit nervous since it was my first time ever shooting a wedding. I was all ready for the day. My camera was set with my three lens and I was good to go. The wedding took place in Tavistock and Stratford, Ontario. It was a long day, I worked for 12 hours photographing everything, but I enjoyed every moment of it. I ended up with over 2000 images. Out of those 2000 images I felt I did a pretty good job. There where some bad ones in the mix, but for my first time it was pretty good.

From that day on, I knew that I wanted to continue to do wedding photography. Fast forward to the present time, and I now shoot wedding, portrait, headshots and work with a modelling agency located in Kitchener, Ontario.

I thank my wife for believing in me, and asking her sister to hire me for her wedding day.

Here are a few images from my first wedding.