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Getting back into wedding session Rose & Martin

I’ve been shooting wedding over 3 years and going into my 4th year I decided to take time off to spend time with my wife and our new born baby girl.

It’s been over a year and I missed photographing #wedding. So I decided to get back into the game and start shooting wedding. I started slow as I know I would be a little rusty.

I shot 2 wedding over the summer one Canada day and in June. The Canada day will be posted another day.

My June shoot went really well, the ceremony and reception was in the town of #Heidelberg, ON in this beautiful venue Hauser Hall. It was a beautiful ceremony and the best part the bride had a time table set for pictures dinner the works.

To a photographer that’s the best when everything is organize. Here are some images from my back to wedding shoots.

New Look, New Style

C R E A T E . C O M P O S E . C A P T U R E .

That’s what I do. From the moment I meet you I start to create a vision of what your experience will look like and feel like. I pay attention to details – to light, to colour, to mood, to personality, to positioning – to get the right composition. And then I capture all the moments that will tell your story.